Correct printing steps

Release time :2019-03-11Reading volume : 1285

When using a UV printer in the early stage, the operator may not be aware of the correct printing operation steps, which may result in printing failure or unsatisfactory printing results, and may even cause the machine to stop working. How to operate without problems?

First step

Clean the surface of the material. Wipe the surface of the material with a clean cloth. Don't wipe it back and forth, as it may scratch the surface of the material.

Second step

Spray the coating on the surface of the material. Increasing the adhesion of the ink, to make the image complete and clear. The coating is mainly composed of resin and curing agent.

Third step

Start the print job, before starting work, be sure to check whether the machine is normal, it is important to check the status of the print head to ensure that it can work normally.

The fourth step

Bake the printed material with the oven, the baking time is about 30 mins, and the temperature is controlled at about 120 °C. If you choose to dry naturally, it takes about 2 hours.

In the future printing work, we must strictly follow the standard operating procedures to operate the machine, to ensure smooth operation, less errors, high yield, and also improve production efficiency, and then bring more benefits.